Microsoft launches a brand new and completely reworked Edge browser

20.01.2020 |

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Microsoft launches a brand new and completely reworked Edge browserIt's not often we get excited about a Microsoft web browser launch. In fact Microsoft's "we'll do it our way" approach to browsers has caused many IT headaches over the years. But their completely reworked Edge browser promises to be different.

The issue with Microsoft and web browsers has always been one of trying to "strong-arm" the internet into what it thinks it should be. Various iterations of Internet Explorer (the web browser that shipped with Windows for years) were a real problem for web developers who wanted a consistent experience, no matter which web browser visitors were using. Internet Explorer "rendered" websites in all kinds of strange ways and functionality was suspect at best. But, rather than forcing everyone to comply to their standards, this approach ended up having the opposite effect, and users abandoned Internet Explorer in their droves as they took up offerings such as Google's "Chrome", Mozilla's "Firefox" and Telenor's "Opera".

Enter Chromium

Chromium is the web browser technology that underpins Google's immensely popular "Chrome" web browser (amongst others) and Microsoft has finally taken the decision to embrace, rather than resist, this technology with the all-new Edge.

Why is this a good thing? Well, it means that Edge will finally dump the "Internet Explorer in disguise" mantle that has dogged it since it's launch alongside Microsoft's Windows 10 Operating System. Microsoft's new Edge will render web pages, perform tasks and look and feel like how many people view the web today. And this makes it a viable choice for users.

Key features

The new Edge is tipped to have some key features that users will love (or at least expect from a modern-day browser). This includes privacy options, synced history, extensions, favourites, settings, addresses / contact info, and passwords. Users will also be able to customise ther online experience. Choose a new tab page layout or design, and select the types of news they want to see on the home page.

Microsoft 365 customers, will be able to find files, people, office floor plans and more on their organisation’s intranet by simply typing in the Microsoft Edge address bar. This is clearly designed to encourage businesses with an Office 365 tenancy to give the new Edge a try, without defaulting to Chrome or Firefox. It should allow for a more joined up experience between Office 365 and the web.

How can you get the new Edge browser?

Alongside Windows 10, the new Edge will also be available on the iOS and Android platforms.

Although the new Edge will undoubtedly start to "roll out" automatically with future Windows 10 updates, users can try the first stable release by downloading it from Microsoft.

Bookmarks (favourites), passwords, form fill information, and basic settings will carry over from the existing to the new Microsoft Edge without you having to do anything. This means that transition to and adoption of the new browser should be very straightforward for everyone. Oh, and it has a new logo - so no more "e" for internet!

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