• Microsoft launches a brand new and completely reworked Edge browser

    It's not often we get excited about a Microsoft web browser launch. In fact Microsoft's "we'll do it our way" approach to browsers has caused many IT headaches over the years. But their completely reworked Edge browser promises to be different.

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  • How to record your computer screen in Windows 10

    It’s true, collaboration is no longer confined to the buildings where we work.

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  • How best to browse the web in Windows 10

    Ah, the browser war of the 90s. When Internet Explorer (IE) fought valiantly against Navigator, dominating global computer systems in the years that followed.

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  • Why users may see a Windows 10 1903 update message

    In the last couple of weeks, some Windows 10 users may have seen a message stating that "The Windows 10 May 2019 Update is on its way. We're offering this update to compatible devices, but your device isn't quite ready for it. Once your device is ready, you'll see the update available on this page. There's nothing you need to do at this time." Here's why that isn't a problem - for now.

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  • How to keep your Windows Desktop clutter-free

    Computers play a big part in all our daily working lives. Part of the commitment the business makes to you as a user, is to provide a suitable workspace (good sized desk, adjustable chair, decent quality monitor and keyboard etc.) for you to do your job. This is why we have regular Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Assessments.

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