Enable your team to collaborate, wherever they are, with Office 365

Microsoft's Office 365 product is the most comprehensive cloud productivity service on the market right now.

With a simple monthly subscription, you and your team can access the tools you know and love including Exchange email, Microsoft Office and SharePoint. You can also discover new ways to simplify processes, gain insights into your business performance and encourage collaboration through new services, such as Flow, PowerBI and Teams.

Office 365 provides secure access to vital company data and assets and includes the tools your business needs to be GDPR compliant. With 2 Factor Authentication and mobile device management included, your team can work whenever and wherever they need to without the complication of VPN.

Office 365

Key productivity and security tools in Office 365

  • Exchange Email

    Outlook IconYour users will no doubt be used to Exchange email accessed through Outlook anyway. But hosted Exchange in Office 365 provides the traditional Email, Contacts and Calendar functionality, combined with powerful plug-ins that take Outlook to the next level.

    Security is baked in to Exchange online, protecting your business and users from SPAM and malicious emails.

  • SharePoint

    SharePoint IconIt is too simple to say that SharePoint is just a replacement for the shares on your server - it is so much more.

    SharePoint can host apps, allow for detailed document and content searches, be your platform for company-wide communication and encourage collaborative working between team members. It will even take care of document version control for you.

  • Teams

    Teams IconMicrosoft Teams is a fairly new addition to Office 365 - but it has the power to change the way you work forever.

    Your key business teams can chat, collaborate on documents, schedule meetings and even take advantage of a host of integrations such as Salesforce, social media platforms and GitHub.

    Teams really is the future of shared working.

  • Microsoft Office Suite

    Office IconMicrosoft Office has been a staple tool for business productivity for many years. It includes applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

    Because of the way Office 365 is licensed on a monthly or annual basis - your teams will always have the latest versions of Office 365 on their devices. Taking advantage of all of the newest features on offer and no more of those infuriating compatibility issues between versions.

  • Azure AD & InTune

    InTune IconKeeping your users and vital company data safe is paramount. If laptops or mobile phones are lost or stolen, or if user accounts are accessed fraudulently it can be disastrous for an organisation.

    Azure AD and InTune work seamlessly within Office 365 to manage user accounts and access, secure devices through Mobile Device Management (MDM) and make use of modern security protocols, such as 2 Factor Authentication (2FA).

  • Security, Compliance & GDPR

    Tick IconSecurity, compliance and GDPR are one of the truly remarkable features in Office 365. It's conceivable you will never need them, but they are included as standard and will protect your reputation in the event of a data breach or GDPR subject access request.

    Logging can be enabled, to monitor all activity within Office 365 from document changes to administrative actions, and the GDPR centre has the ability to assess your GDPR compliance for you.

Planning your Office 365 migration

Proper planning for your migration to Office 365 services is paramount to a successful adoption. If you don't plan properly then you can end up wasting time, money and ultimately missing out on buy-in from your users. The key principal behind any major business change is to deliver something better than what you have already.

Our Microsoft qualified Office 365 experts can offer a deep dive into your business activities, data and operations. Combined with getting to know you and your team and what the improvements you want to see from switching to Office 365, we will help you to understand the powerful features and apps available to you and draw up a full migration plan with key deliverables and project milestones. We will also support you in selecting the most appropriate licenses for your company.

Office 365 Project Management

Office 365 environment set up and data migration

This is where our technical wizards get their chance to shine. We will work on your new Office 365 environment to get it exactly how you want it. From configuring Office 365 Groups and Teams, through testing and revision to the data migration itself. We have automated tools available that will speed the process along and, in many cases, your team members will shut down in your traditional on-premises environment on Friday and log in to Office 365 on Monday. Of course, for larger organisations, a phased delivery may be more appropriate - and we can deliver this too.

We can also provide floor walkers to help your users to acclimatise to the new system and answer any queries they may have.

Office 365 Migration

Training your teams to get the most from Office 365

User training forms a major part of a successful cloud migration and our qualified training team can deliver high quality product training for users at all levels of your business. It is safe to say that Office 365 is a "different" way of working with always accessible data and integrations between apps that your team may not have encountered before.

We can train groups or on a "train the trainer" basis in both classroom environments and at work stations. We have prepared training material that can be quickly adapted to fit your organisation and business requirements. Sessions are kept light-hearted and informative so your teams will buy in to the new tools available to them.

Office 365 Training

Office 365 management and continuous improvement

Your business doesn't stand still - and neither does Office 365. One of the great things about Office 365 is the continual evolution of the products and services available - but it is important to remember that too much change, handled in a chaotic way, can leave users frustrated and returning to the old ways of doing things.

You will need your Office 365 environment to adapt and develop with your business needs. Our team understands that careful management of Office 365 is paramount to reaping the benefits of powerful cloud computing. From day-to-day management of users, sites and security to adopting newly released features and products in a way that benefits everyone, we are on hand to ensure that your Office 365 experience is a happy one.

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