Microsoft launches brand new combined Office 365 app for iOS and Android

06.11.2019 |

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Microsoft launches brand new combined Office 365 app for iOS and AndroidMicrosoft has launched a brand new app for iOS and Android called "Office". Although that seems like old news - as you've been able to get Office apps on mobile for a long time - this promises to be something entirely different.

Indeed, Microsoft's flagship productivity tools have been available on iOS and Android for a few years now, but they have always been separate apps. One for Word, one for Excel, one for OneDrive and so on. Now it's looking like they will come as one neat package.

What's included?

The new app combines Word, Excel, PowerPoint, some key features of Office Lens and access to files stored in the cloud. This should make utilising document creation and editing features "on the go" a much less frustrating experience than before. For example, you can snap a picture of a document and turn it into an editable Word file, or transform tables from a printed page to Excel.

Other features include the ability to sign PDFs by simply using your finger, scan QR codes to open files and links and easily transfer files between your phone and computer or share instantly with nearby mobile devices. This should really help to integrate your mobile device into your daily workflow, especially if you work in a field-based role where mobile productivity can be key to success.

There is also integration with the Microsoft "Sticky Notes" app, which could make recording notes and ideas on the fly a breeze.

The app is currently available on phones only, although Microsoft plans to bring the combined Office experience to tablets as well.

How can you get it?

Right now the Office app is in public preview on both platforms. iOS users can access it through TestFlight and Android users can join the preview by following the instructions from Microsoft.

We will certainly be watching the development of this combines Microsoft Office app with interest as it could benefit a lot of our customers if it proves worthwhile. In the meantime, Microsoft says it will continue to support and develop the standalone Office apps that millions of users access on their mobile devices every day.

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