• What to do with redundant IT hardware

    There’s nothing like getting a fancy new gadget on Christmas day. Often there’s a wow-factor that comes with a brand new laptop, smartphone, or tablet. You can see it’s much better than your old device straight away.

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  • Why splash out on a business-class laptop?

    Black Friday is coming, and so are the January sales (yeah, we know...) so it might be tempting to go out and grab a bargain laptop for your business. Why not? It could save you money! But this is the time to stop and think about the key differences between consumer and business-class laptops and whether you are making a saving or saving up for a lot of frustration...

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  • Six reasons your computer may be running slow this summer

    So you are wondering whether Extinction Rebellion have got inside your computer and are causing a go-slow. Or your operating system just likes to take a siesta on a hot summer’s day. “Seriously”, you are asking, “Why is my computer so slow?”

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  • Breathe new life into your boardroom with Chromecast

    You know the scenario, you've got a big screen and projector or TV in your boardroom but it never gets switched on, why? Often projector bulbs (which are expensive to replace) fail or you replace your laptops with ones with no VGA output and your screen connections have become obsolete. So, is a Chromecast the answer that will breathe new life back into your boardroom?

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"We have been using Clearwater services since 2015 and the service we have received has been 1st class, nothing is too much trouble and always done on time. These guys have been a great asset to our company IT."

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