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  • 02Jun2014

    NCA Warns That Users Have Only Two Weeks Relief From GameoverZeus and Cryptolocker

    Following extensive work by the NCA, FBI, Europol and other agencies the ransomeware known as Cryptolocker and the password stealing GameoverZeus malware have been stopped in their tracks. Read More

    Published by: Toby Hoare | Tagged: nca,GameoverZeus,Cryptolocker,virus,
  • 02Jun2014

    Should Your Business Choose Chromebooks Over Windows Laptops?

    Chromebooks are very keenly priced and simple to manage so would seem an obvious choice for business laptops. But are Chromebooks really suitable for business or are the compromises too much to swallow? Read More

    Published by: Jon Hoare | Tagged: nca,GameoverZeus,Cryptolocker,virus,
  • 23May2014

    Has Your Business IT Reached The Startup Ceiling?

    One business IT phenomenon that we come across a lot here at Clearwater is what we term the "Startup Ceiling". Let us take a moment to explain what we mean by this and what growing businesses can do about it. Read More

    Published by: Jon Hoare | Tagged: business,startup,it service,provider
  • 11May2014

    Welcome To Our New Website

    We would like to take this opportunity to welcome visitors to our brand new website. We have been working on updating both the company branding and what we offer in terms of services over the last few months and are now proud to unveil our new look web presence. Read More

    Published by: Toby Hoare | Tagged: new,website,blog,news
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