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  • 04Jan2018

    'Serious' Security Flaws Discovered in Processor Chips

    It has been revealed that researchers at Google have discovered two 'serious' security flaws in the processor chips that run virtually all of the world's computers, servers, tablets and smartphones. They affect chips from the leading providers; Intel, AMD and ARM. Read More

    Published by: Toby Hoare | Tagged: Processor Flaw,Intel,ARM,AMD,Security
  • 11Dec2017

    Could the Quad9 Service Improve Your Internet Security?

    Quad9 is the new service from nonprofits Global Cyber Alliance and Packet Clearing House and it could revolutionise internet security for small businesses. It's simple to implement and could save your business from malicious websites and phishing attacks. Here's a quick rundown of all you need to know. Read More

    Published by: Toby Hoare | Tagged: Quad9,Internet Security,Phishing,Malware,Protection
  • 27Nov2017

    Google Rolls Out File Stream as Drive Replacement

    Google has announced that it's Drive File Sync and Share application is being replaced by File Stream. Google Drive support will finish December 11th and it will cease to work on March 12th 2018. Here's all you need to know about the replacement for Google Drive. Read More

    Published by: Toby Hoare | Tagged: data,Cloud,cloud services,Google Drive,Google File Stream,G-Suite
  • 09Nov2017

    Windows 10 Assistive Technologies Upgrade Ends in December

    When Windows 10 was first launched back in 2015, Microsoft offered free upgrades to all users with licensed copies of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. This was designed to encourage as many people as possible to embrace the latest version of Windows, and millions of people did just that. Read More

    Published by: Toby Hoare | Tagged: Microsoft,windows10,upgrade,assistive technologies
  • 18Oct2017

    What's the KRACK with Reported Wi-Fi Vulnerability?

    The tech world is, once more, buzzing with a vulnerability in technology we all take for granted right now. So, what is the KRACK Vulnerability and what can businesses and users do about it? Read More

    Published by: Toby Hoare | Tagged: KRACK,security,threat,wi-fi,data
  • 10Oct2017

    Microsoft Calls Time on Windows Phone

    The company's Windows 10 chief, Joe Belfiore, has tweeted that developing new features and hardware for the Mobile version of The Operating System was no longer a "focus". Read More

    Published by: Toby Hoare | Tagged: Microsoft,Phone,Hardware
  • 09Oct2017

    Microsoft Ends Extended Support for Office 2007

    Although investment in software for your business can be costly, upgrades are a fact of life. And when Microsoft ceases extended support for a product, it is effectively dead and businesses must look at options for replacing it. This is now the case for Office 2007 so it's time to consider migrating to the latest version of the Office suite. Read More

    Published by: Toby Hoare | Tagged: Office,2007,Microsoft,Office 365,security
  • 24Oct2016

    Microsoft Announces Price Rises in January 2017

    Due to the weakening pound, Microsoft has announced price rises, for products such as Office 365, which will take affect in January 2017. The price rises are likely to impact thousands of business around the UK. Read More

    Published by: Toby Hoare | Tagged: Microsoft,cloud services,Office 365,pricing
  • 07Oct2016

    Time to Remind Staff About Seasonal Scams

    OK, we know it is only October but everyone seems to be gearing up for Christmas already and this can only mean that the scammers are putting the final touches to their campaigns of seasonal misery. Read More

    Published by: Toby Hoare | Tagged: scam,security,education
  • 25Aug2016

    What is SaaS and How Can it Benefit Your Business?

    SaaS refers to 'Software as a Service' and really relates to cloud-based applications where the software is remotely hosted (on a vendor's servers) and accessed through a web browser. So what are the benefits and risks of SaaS for your businesses? We give a rundown of the pros and cons of SaaS here. Read More

    Published by: Toby Hoare | Tagged: SaaS,business,software
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