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What Are The Options For Encrypting Laptops?

If you work in a highly secure environment, the safety of the data you generate and use is clearly of the utmost importance. If you use a laptop there is a risk that it may be lost or stolen but you want your data to remain secure, so what are your options?

What Are The Options For Encrypting Laptops?

You could solely work on a secure server or network based location, meaning that no data is stored or saved locally on your laptop or desktop machine. This has its advantages in that if your machine was lost, stolen or broken the data is still available to you or anyone else with access to your server. A further plus side is that others who might be contributing to your work can easily see progress and add their own information.

The downside of this approach is that if you travel away from the office, you require a VPN (Virtual Private Network) in order to securely access your data. If this is not already in place it will need setting up and each time you wish to work you will need an internet connection. As we all know it is not 100% guaranteed to be able to get online wherever you are - for instance travelling on a train.

Another option that many companies use is to encrypt every hard drive in the company with a program such as Bit Locker. In this case whenever you switch your computer on, it will require insertion of a flash drive that contains a security key. Without it, the computer (or more specifically, the hard drive) is useless and it is all but impossible to access the data. The idea being that you store the special flash drive in a separate location to the computer so if the computer was lost or stolen, the data is not accessible.

This method comes with a word of warning. Always make sure that you let the encryption software make a backup of the security key and store this file in a safe place on the company network. Then, should the flash drive fail or go missing you will still be able to access you data. You have been warned - the encryption is very powerful and not reversible if you do not have the security key.

If you would like any more information about the above, please get in touch.

Published by: Nick Tuftnell | Tagged: encryption,laptops,options
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