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Our Favourite Windows 10 Rumours So Far

Let's face it, Windows 8 was a step too far for a lot of Microsoft's traditional user base, with complaints about the 'missing' Start button (later reintroduced in a watered down form in Windows 8.1) and unfamiliar navigation through the 'Metro' tiled interface, the software giant's reputation took a bit of a battering.

Our Favourite Windows 10 Rumours So Far

That's what makes Windows 10 such a vital thing to get right from the start and the upcoming release of Microsoft's new Windows Operating System has certainly got the rumour mill working overtime. Here are some of our favourite whispers surrounding it.

What's in a Name?

In this day and age it seems that sequential numbering has gone right out of the window (so to speak) and Microsoft are no strangers to flitting between naming conventions with their second XBox console release being named the '360' and the latest being the 'One', but when the internet starting to chatter about 'Windows 9' it wasn't many that predicted that the new Windows will, in fact, be called Windows 10.

We've seen a few crazy rumours about 'not wanting to be left behind Apple' and using the number 10 being an attempt to leave some breathing space between the new Windows and the mostly unpopular Windows 8. But the Independent website reported the most plausible reason as being down to the earlier Windows 95 and Windows 98 versions and legacy code that, during testing, showed some applications would not cope with there being a Windows 9 at all.

Free Upgrade From Windows 8.1

One much discussed rumour doing the rounds is that Windows 10 might be a free upgrade for those who are currently running Windows 8.1.

The rumour originates from comments by Andreas Diantoro, president of Microsoft Indonesia, who reportedly told reporters that users would simply need to update their devices to get the new Windows. Unlike earlier leaks from executives, no one has come forward to deny this claim.

A Fresh Start

It is fair to say that the 'Windows faithful' were far from impressed when the traditional 'Start' button was nowhere to be seen in Windows 8 and even with the reintroduction of a start button of sorts in Windows 8.1 it's not what we are all used to and desperately want to see return in all its glory in Windows 10.

The good news from the first preview released at the start of October is that, like the Terminator, it will be back. That said there is likely to be an interesting hybrid between the start menu of old and the Windows 8 start page with some of the Metro tiles integrating into the start menu itself. We'll perhaps have to wait until the release of the consumer preview before this is all confirmed.

Less 'Touchy Feely'

Although not abandoning the principal of 'building for touch devices' entirely, it seems that Microsoft has taken on board the feedback that Windows 8 was far too aimed at touch and gesture to be comfortably used with a mouse or other pointer device. Windows 10 will continue to deliver a 'touch-friendly' experience for consumers with touch devices but will no doubt cater better for it's core business market where it appears that the mouse is still king.

Still Cross Device

It appears that Microsoft can't let go of the idea of Windows across all of your devices and are continuing to develop Windows 10 for mobile alongside the desktop version. This is despite the OS lagging far behind Apple's iOS and Google's Android platforms in the mobile market. It remains to be seen if this will be successful but it has felt 'too late' for Windows to gain traction and significant market share for some time now.

What About Internet Explorer?

Early indications are that Internet Explorer (IE) on Windows 10 will be fully integrated into the desktop and simpler to use. On the Windows 10 technical preview, entering a search term in the field suggests either a file on the local machine, a webpage, an app on the Windows Store or a portal to Bing, Microsoft's own Search Engine.

Where this will leave users who want browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc.) choice is still to be revealed.

Release Date

Although not confirmed, it is strongly believed that Windows 10 will be fully available in the middle of 2015. Just seven or eight months left with Windows 8.1 then...

Published by: Toby Hoare | Tagged: windows,news
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