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Google Apps for Work ServicesGoogle Apps for Work

If your business is looking to synchronise users, email, data and devices in the cloud then Google Apps for Work is well worth considering.

Plenty of Applications

Google Apps for Work is a mature platform with many useful business management tools developed by both Google and third party developers. Of course it includes Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive and the full suite of productivity applications such as Google Docs and Google Sheets but there is a plethora of other apps you may not have considered.

Save Money on Hardware

Embracing the Google eco-system allows for the majority of applications to be accessed and used within a web browser (usually Google Chrome for the best results). Because you are using Google’s powerful servers to do the ‘heavy lifting’ in terms of data, local machines can be less powerful (and so cheaper) without affecting efficiency. A quick search on the internet will throw up some stylish machines, such as the stylish Toshiba Chromebook 2, that are designed to run Google Apps without draining the budget.

Enterprise Administration

The Google Admin centre allows super administrators to tailor the Google Apps for Work services to fit the business in a truly granular way. It also includes powerful MDM (Mobile Device Management) which can help to support a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy without business owners worrying about lost or stolen devices and valuable data ending up in the wrong hands.


One of the key benefits of Google Apps for Work is the numerous integrations available with other cloud-based applications. The ability to add customer emails to your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software straight from the Gmail interface or schedule important tasks in Google Calendar directly from your customer services helpdesk.

How We Can Help

From understanding the range of tools available, through advising on best practices, to using cloud computing to improve communication and efficiency, Clearwater IT Services can review your business processes and goals, assist with migration and then advise on how get the most from the Google Apps platform.

For more information about migrating your business systems to Google Apps for Work, contact us today.

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