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If your business handles sensitive data that you simply cannot put in ‘the cloud’ or perhaps you have invested in on-site infrastructure but still want file sharing capabilities, then Foldr is the product for you.

Developed by a team in our home town of Bristol, Foldr gives access to the files and folders on your server through a web app, iOS app or Android app. Foldr effectively turns your server into a cloud solution without your data ever having to leave the security of your network. The apps also have some incredible features, such as PDF annotation, time sensitive external shares through fLinks, passcode or PIN protection and tie-ins with all of your favourite document creation applications.

Foldr is particularly useful for organisations that carry our sensitive government contracts, legal or health related activities or those that work with young or vulnerable people.

How Does It Work?

Delieverd as a lightweight virtual appliance, Foldr is essentially a ‘bolt on’ for your existing server. It can provision network shares for your users within minutes and fully respects your existing network permissions.

Foldr supports Microsoft Active Directory, Apple OpenDirectory & OpenLDAP for authentication as well as local users on file servers or NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices.

This all makes rollout a breeze and your business can be up and running with Foldr with the minimum of fuss.

Extended Features

Foldr isn’t just about accessing documents, there are plenty of productivity features ‘baked in’ to Foldr*. These include;

  • In-app PDF annotation and editing
  • Media streaming
  • Shared files for easy distribution
  • Favourite files ready for off-line use

*Features may vary based on your Operating System


All access to your server takes place over encrypted SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) connections and the built-in security settings allow rate-limiting and IP blocking as standard. User activity is also fully logged to give you maximum visibility of who is accessing your server through Foldr.

How We Can Help

We will advise on licensing, manage the rollout and educate your users on the vast array of features built in to Foldr. If you think you are missing out on modern working practices because you are unable to use more traditional file sharing applications, then why not contact us and ‘Free Your Files’ today?

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