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Email Threat Management ServicesEmail Threat Management

The most common risk of virus, malware and ransomware infection in your business comes through what is probably your most used line of communication, email.

Whether it is spam emails clogging up your system and affecting productivity, phishing messages designed to fool users into sharing sensitive information or malicious attachments with the power to devastate your company data, our email threat management solutions are developed to constantly monitor email traffic and block the emails you don’t want in your organisation without you even knowing it is happening.

How Does It Work?

Our email management service sits between your email service provider or Exchange Server and the outside world. It uses a complex algorithm and key email configuration rules to filter incoming messages.

With a 99.9% success rate at blocking unwanted emails, and our support team on hand to make sure the emails you do want are delivered on-time, every time you will love how our email threat management services free your inbox so that you can concentrate on running your business.

How We Can Help

We will assess your needs, configure your DNS (Domain Name System) settings, set any additional whitelist or blacklist rules and then continue to monitor the email threat management system to make sure that you continue to receive the emails you do want whilst quarantining those you don’t. Please contact us today to discuss email security for your business.

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