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Datto Drive ServicesDatto Drive

Datto Drive is a FSS (File Sync and Share) solution from one of the world’s largest data backup, storage and management companies. It incorporates desktop (Windows, OSX and Linux) and mobile device (iOS and Android) clients so that you can access your stored and shared documents from anywhere.

Datto Drive combines the ease of use of a consumer sharing tool (like Dropbox), with the robustness of tracking, auditing, versioning and accessibility controls of an enterprise solution.

Management and Access Control

The Datto Drive management portal is designed to give administrators complete oversight of their business’ data. Admins get granular, policy-based access controls over user accounts. They can view files created by former employees, create or delete user accounts, edit account privileges, set storage limits and more.


Datto Drive offers business-class security options. Data can be encrypted in-flight using the secure TLS protocol as well as at rest in Datto's cloud data centres. The ability to encrypt data while it is being transferred gives businesses the end-to-end security they need.

Datto Drive also has activity logging that enables users to see exactly who accessed and modified a document over the course of its lifespan.

File Versioning

Files on which users are actively collaborating are highly relevant to current and future business. So, it’s important that users have the ability to quickly recover files that were accidentally deleted, corrupted or otherwise sullied. Datto Drive offers versioning, which allows users to rollback to previous versions of files without opening a helpdesk ticket. Self-service restore increases user productivity, while reducing the administrative burden on IT.

How We Can Help

Here at Clearwater IT Services we will assess the suitability of Datto Drive for your needs and give an honest appraisal of whether it will be suitable for your business. We will assist with setting up an initial structure for files, folders and user access and help with migrating your data into the cloud. Why not talk to one of our Datto Drive experts to get the lowdown on this revolutionary FSS system today?

Special Offer

As an authorised Datto reseller, Clearwater IT Services are in the privileged position to be able to offer our customers a year’s free Datto Drive. You will get all the benefits of Datto Drive with 1TB of storage and unlimited users. After the first year, the on-going cost will be just £10 + VAT per month. To take advantage of this limited offer, please contact us today.

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