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Backup Options: Pure Cloud vs. Hybrid Cloud vs. Personal Cloud

Ensuring that your data is safely backed up is absolutely critical in today's digital world. If your business produces any kind of electronic documents do make sure that they can be recovered in case of any kind of equipment failure, accidental deletion or force majeure.

Backup Options: Pure Cloud vs. Hybrid Cloud vs. Personal Cloud

This means that data really should be duplicated off-site using some kind of cloud, which leads into the main part of this article, as there are a few different options available. Each one has its merits and all are proven to be secure. However, depending on the size and configuration of your business one will probably be more appropriate than the others.

Pure Cloud Backup

The simplest to set up is the pure cloud backup. All machines and mobile devices (if required) receive a small piece of software that communicates with your cloud backup provider. Functioning in a similar way to Dropbox, you choose what to sync to the cloud. This way all your data is securely stored off-site. However should you need to recover any significant amount of data in a hurry there is a good chance that you will be limited by the speed of the internet connection, meaning that your business could be out of action for a number of days.

Hybrid Cloud

As the name might suggest, hybrid cloud gives you a best of both worlds approach. Your data is still backed up to an off-site secure cloud but in addition you have a local NAS (Network Attached Storage) box which stores a backup of your data on-site. Your local machines backup their data to this NAS box which in turn will periodically sync with the off-site cloud. This provides significantly quicker access to your data in all but the most catastrophic events. In the case of the latter you could still be looking at a significant amount of time to retrieve your data.

Personal Cloud

With the third option you will have two NAS boxes which you can use to create your own cloud. One of them will reside on-site in the same manner as the hybrid cloud solution. Once again, the local devices will back up their data to this NAS box. The second device will reside off-site at a location of your choosing. This can be anywhere with a constant internet connection such as a another of your offices or even your house. The first box containing the master copy of your data will periodically sync with the second box without any user input. As such, even if either premises are destroyed in a fire you have instant access to the other box to continue working.

If you would like any more information about keeping your data securely backed up, please get in touch. Clearwater IT can install any of the above options after discussing your requirements in detail.

Published by: Nick Tuftnell | Tagged: cloud,hybrid,personal,backup
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